Music Lessons For All Levels

Irish/classical flute Tin- whistle Piano
Button accordion Fiddle Concertina
Harp Acoustic guitar     Bass guitar
Banjo Low-whistle Mandolin
Drums Piano accordion Singing lessons
Cajon Saxophone Electric guitar


As a student of Trisha’s Tunes, there is no pressure to sit exams. Trisha’s School of Music will help you learn to play any instrument you like. Lessons are available in Shercock and Inniskeen.

Some of the instruments Shercock School of Music teaches include, keyboard, piano, violin, Irish flute, classical flute, tin whistle, the recorder, mandolin, harp, button accordion, piano accordion, guitar, electric guitar, Drums, bodhrán, fiddle, accordion, banjo and low whistle.

Each classroom is fitted with c.c.t.v.

Parents are more than welcome to sit in class with their child. We have a waiting area also.

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